cropped-t.f_arnd_w-b-lg-red_3000x3000.pngThis is the blog is for the talking.fashion podcast produced by The Fashion Matrix division of Randomatrix.

The talking.fashion podcast is hosted by Russ Murray, whose career has involved consulting, technology, and support over 30+ years for all parts of the fashion and beauty supply/value chains, including: trend analysis, design, product life-cycle management, manufacturing, import/export, distribution, wholesale, point-of-sale, retail management, e-commerce,  marketing, social media, advertising, and model-talent-artist agencies.

As host, Russ does not pretend to know everything, but he does know a little about a lot of things. He also knows a lot of people in the industry, and is able to gain access to them for the talking.fashion podcast.

podcast: talking.fashion

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Podcast: talking.fashion


The Fashion Matrix

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