The FASHION MATRIX is Here and We Do FAFA!

Solution Matrix has worked (from 1995–2006 as Watts Up / 2006–2016 as DreamIT) in and around fashion and apparel since 1997, when we began collaborating with model agencies using Agency Manager, formerly known as WinModel.  In the 00’s and 10’s we worked with designers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers of Fashion, Apparel, Footwear, Accessories (“FAFA”) and other types of products, building valuable, deep, broad expertise with all parts of the FAFA supply chain.

In September 2015, we announced that we were “going vertical” and focusing on fashion/apparel, with  two ERP/mobile and web solutions, along with the Teamwork Retail POS/retail management system we’d selected.  Since then, we’ve evolved our product and service offerings, dropped a couple, and added a MUCH better, all-in-one solution called IT’s Perfect.

fafa-chalet-circle_lg-rd_1900x1900Now, to complete our evolution and to focus on our fashionable industry specialization, we’ve launched a focused set of pages on our main website for the Fashion Matrix — a division of Solution Matrix — we are here, and ready to help you take your fashion business to the next level! We even came up with a new “f” logo (on right) to show our focus on fashion…

What type of solutions does Fashion Matrix provide? We offer software (on-premise) and cloud (hosted/SaaS) systems for: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),  Mobility (phone, tablet, etc.), E-Commerce (web-shops, B2C, B2B, portals, etc.), Point-of-Sale (POS) and Retail Management.  Pretty much if you design, make, move, or sell fashion products, we have a complete, end-to-end software or cloud solution to run your business!

FAFA = Fashion+Apparel+Footwear+Accessories

Those are the big four product types, but don’t worry, we’re not limited to those four only! Our Fashion Matrix division also provides solutions for, and has experience with: clothing, costumes, couture, cosmetics, skincare, fashion accessories,  watches, jewelry, and more!

To clarify: our ERP and POS solutions are not specifically for the unique requirements of watches/jewelry, but our Mobile and Web solutions are a perfect fit.  So we can’t do everything for everyone, but we can do a lot for most types of fashion products and businesses.

FASHION Solutions = ERP + MOB + WEB + POS

We deliver the big four core FAFA solutions, for companies that do one more more of the following:

  • Design & Develop (Product Life-cycle Management or “PLM”)
  • Make & Manufacture (owned and/or outsourced)
  • Import & Export (in or out of your country, to/from others)
  • Wholesale & Distribute (resell, replenish, fulfill, move, etc.)
  • Marketing & Branding (creative services, and software tools)
  • Retail & E-tail (online/e-commerce plus brick-and-mortar)

So if your company designs, makes, moves or sells FAFA or related products, and you would like to run your business better, please email us to get more information our about our software/cloud solutions, and services.

— Fashion Matrix —

What you think, we become.



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